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Prayers for Our Schools (3/20/2018)


Let’s get rid of any attitudes that ignore prayer and believe “gun violence won’t happen in our local schools just because ____.” We can fill in the blank with whatever sorry excuse we might have for not praying for our schools.

Today, another school shooting took place at Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Maryland. One student killed and two others shot.

Great Mills is unincorporated town of 7000 citizens. It’s considered a “safe neighborhood” with 33% of the population being college graduates, 79% being married, and 72% owning homes. 

But today, Great Mills joins the long list of schools being attacked by an armed murderer.

My prayer today:

Lord, give us willing spirits to overcome our fleshly attitudes so that we will watch and pray for our local schools. And Lord, we cry out to You to comfort the suffering students and parents at Great Mills High School today. You are the only One who can do this. (Based on Matthew 26:41)

What do you think and has the Lord spoken to you today?

Join with me on Tuesdays to fast and pray for school children.



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Prayers for our Schools (3/13/2018)


Nothing is more heart wrenching than watching the distraught parents and citizens on TV after a school disaster. I am sure they are all burdened with what they should have done and should have said before the tragedy took place.

It’s too late to do much for them, except pray for the Lord to comfort them in their agony.

But it’s not too late for us now. We can join with the Lord God of Hosts and use the most powerful weapon He has given us — prayer — to protect the school children in our local communities.

My prayer today:

Lord, You said that believers could have whatever things they ask for when they pray if they believed they would receive them. Well, Lord, we believe that You will protect the children in our local schools this week. Thanks for honoring Your Word. Amen. (Based on Mark 11:24

What do you think and has the Lord spoken to you today?

Join with me on Tuesdays to fast and pray for school children.


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“Praying for the Frozen Chosen: Our Children” is FREE Today on Amazon

Praying for the Frozen Chosen copy


My book, Praying for the Frozen Chosen: Our Children, is FREE on Amazon today through Sunday.

Amazon book description:

“Can Christian parents possibly hope to win the war against the kingdom of darkness for the hearts and souls of our children?”

As parents, our heads must be buried in the sand if we have failed to notice the world’s onslaught against our children’s lives on a daily basis. The Internet. Facebook. Pokemon Go. World of Warcraft. Television. Movies. Texting. Music. Materialism. Secularism. Sex Everywhere. All of these and more have the potential to lure our children’s hearts away from God and derail His plans for them.

Can we win?


Our God is ready and always willing to unleash His power on behalf of parents who pray for their children, according to His will. We just need to understand His will as revealed in His word.

Praying for the Frozen Chosen: Our Children was written for parents who want their children to be zealous for God. And the good news is the book is intended for parents who have babies in the womb or those with sixty-year old children wasting away on skid rows.

Available on Amazon for Kindles and Kindle apps.


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