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“The Salesman’s Dilemma: How to Prosper and Serve God in Today’s America” is FREE on Amazon Today

My book, The Salesman’s Dilemma: How to Prosper and Serve God in Today’s America, is FREE on Amazon today through Sunday.

Amazon book description:

“What do you do for a living?” a Christian asked me at a Full Gospel Businessmen’s meeting.

“I sell cars,” I said.

“Can you really be a faithful believer and a car salesman at the same time?” he replied.

His words shocked me, but I had to admit there was a definite stigma attached to car salesmen. Few people trusted them. In fact, most surveys of the most trusted professions in America show car sales ranking at the bottom of the list…with insurance sales and real estate sales ranking just a few notches higher.

Can a car salesman earn a living and still serve God at the same time?

I sold cars at ten different dealerships in four states. The first four dealerships fired me and the last six watched me walk out the door with my head bowed down, looking like a whipped puppy in a rainstorm.

Yet, the lessons the Lord taught me at these dealerships have prospered me throughout my life. They can do the same for you.

Just so you know: I am not a prosperity preacher nor do I believe in a get-rich-quick theology. The lessons I learned will work in good economic times and bad ones because we serve an awesome God who honors His word.

The Salesman’s Dilemma: How To Prosper And Serve God In Today’s America may be just the book you need to help your sales career and your walk with the Lord.

Available on Amazon for Kindles and Kindle apps.


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My Sales Career: If Only… (Part 1)

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I spent many years selling pharmaceuticals, construction equipment, health and beauty aids, stocks and bonds, cars, real estate, advertising, and whatever. There were great days in my sales career and a few horrendous ones. My sales philosophy agreed with Sophie Tucker who said, “I have been rich and I have been poor − and believe me, rich is better.”

But throughout my whole sales career, one nagging thought bothered me over and over again: “If only I totally believed in my product. If only…”

No doubt, there are wonderful companies selling great products here in America. I do not mean to belittle any of them because my nagging problem was mine and mine alone. It had nothing to do with the business world.

You see, I wanted to sell a hybrid Cadillac-Mercedes-Rolls Royce-DeBeers-Tiffany product with Toyota/Honda backed service for $99 or three easy payments of $33 or even twelve payments of $8.25.

Now you understand my dilemma of unreal expectations in a real world.

Then, I met a man named Jesus who smashed to smithereens all of my business and sales concepts. He taught me to depend on His abilities and not mine. His products and services are much, much better than my expectations ever were in the past.

Okay, you can check on my sales goal of $42,000 to cover the cost of 100 Bridge of Hope unsponsored children here. My business/sales plan is to fast and pray and then follow the Lord’s leading. As far as a backup plan, I have none.

Just so you know: the anonymous $100 came from Carol and me.

Thus, the program begins today for me.

I will post updates from time to time.

(Continued in Part 2)

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