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The Rumors of Larry’s Death Were Not Greatly Exaggerated (Part 11)

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As a young Christian, the Lord spoke to my heart, “Don’t ask Me why I want you to do something. Just do it.”

So, it’s been my desire to obey these words over the last thirty years. Have I made mistakes? Yes, but even then, I have learned to rely on the following —

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1)

Every command or direction we feel the Lord is speaking to us, we must accept by faith, and then act on it in faith, which is one way to test the spirits. If it turns out not to be the Lord’s voice, we have to trust that the Lord’s grace will cover our errors.

So far, the Lord’s grace has been more than sufficient for me.

Okay, in Part 9, I wrote that I felt the Lord wanted me to start a Noontime Prayer Meeting for Geezers. What happened?

I delivered flyers to every church in the city (75 or so) and posted signs directing people to the outdoor noontime prayer meeting along the roadway. For weeks, I fasted and prayed each Friday at an open air park shelter with numerous people watching on.

My results were perfect: I always showed up and no one else did – as in zero, zilch, nada.

Did this discourage me? No, not at all.

I’ve learned over the years that it’s my job to obey what I believe are His commands and it’s His job to act. If He wants me to look like a fool or to fail, that’s His choice, not mine because I’m His servant, always ready to follow His commands.

But then, four weeks ago, the Lord spoke a new word to my heart.

(Continued in Part 12…if you’re interested, the full series to date can be seen here.)

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Thursday’s Prayers for America (3/31/2016)

The 2016 Presidential race has brought one ugly behavior to the surface in us Americans: anger.

William DeFoore, an anger-management writer, described anger as a pressure cooker: we can only apply pressure against our anger for a certain amount of time until it explodes. (Wikipedia)

Sadly, I believe DeFoore is correct and that America has a pressure cooker atmosphere right now, just waiting to explode.

My prayer today:

Lord, help us American believers to put away all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, slander, malice, and instead, help us to be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave us. (Based on Ephesians 4:31-32)

What do you think and has the Lord spoken to you today?

Join with me on Thursdays to fast and pray for America.


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The Rumors of Larry’s Death Were Not Greatly Exaggerated (Part 9)

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I began this series on January 10, 2015, but because nothing was moving forward for me, I placed it on hold. Now things are happening again. So, I’ve decided to rerun the earlier parts before I began anew. If you don’t want to wait, you can read the first ten parts in their entirety here.


From the articles I have read, most of today’s authors follow fairly rigid disciplines and begin writing at a set hour. Each has a certain amount of words they hope to write for the day. The number of words falls generally in the 1000 to 2000 words range.

Since, I did not know any better when the Lord told me to write, I set my early goals at 1200 words per day. This worked out to about four or five pages of new material per day.

Yet, I remember many, many days when I would bang away on the computer for a couple of hours and maybe had 650 words done, but then realized something was missing. Sadly, that something was the presence of the Holy Spirit. I would then end up deleting every word I wrote.

It  would be great to pretend that I am a quick learner, but the truth is that it took months and months for me to learn this process for myself. I now sit down and if the presence of the Holy Spirit isn’t there, I don’t write.

Just so you know, I do not claim to write straight from the mouth of the Lord…oh I wish I did! But I do claim that His presence needs to be there to comfort and encourage me as I write. 

Okay, a few days ago, I came up with what I think was an inspired opening for the next Luke and Cat Stoner novel. And almost 700 words later, the book was on its way. I saw the characters coming to life, where they lived, and a little bit of what would happen in the early stages. It was so exciting that I now fall asleep thinking about the story.

So, the other day, I sought the presence of the Lord and this is my latest writing:


Yep, we’re talking about what looks like another major detour in my publishing career. What’s new, huh?

Who ever thought that I would end up attempting to start a Noontime Prayer Meeting For Geezers?

(Continued in Part 10)


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The Rumors of Larry’s Death Were Not Greatly Exaggerated (Part 7)

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(Click on photo to enlarge)

I began this series on January 10, 2015, but because nothing was moving forward for me, I placed it on hold. Now things are happening again. So, I’ve decided to rerun the earlier parts before I began anew. If you don’t want to wait, you can read the first ten parts in their entirety here.


One of my favorite prophetic words was spoken to me in the Spring of 1994. It happened when a friend and her husband stopped by the house to see me on their way to a restaurant.

“Larry, the Lord knows how much you love to preach, but He wants you to do something first for Him, before you do any more preaching. Then afterward, you can preach all you want,” she said.

The “something” the Lord wanted me to do first turned out to be – start a paint contracting company, which ended up being a total disaster. I am still suffering from its fallout, twenty years later.

And preaching? I still laugh when I think about the Lord saying to me: “Then afterward, you can preach all you want.”

You see, what was missing in the prophetic words was that the Lord was going to squeeze every drop of desire out of me to preach and be on a stage ever again. The guy who used to love to preach died often in countless trials over the last twenty years. I absolutely do not miss him and, in fact, I abhor the guy I used to be.

Okay, how does this fit into publishing?

I have two thousand copies of The Day LA Died, ready to be marketed through whatever way the Lord shows me, like Christian book stores, churches, and advertisements. The two thousand copies weigh a total of 1900 pounds and are stored in closets throughout the house. It would be nice to free up the closet space again.

But first, I feel the Lord wants me to do something for Him, something which, of course, has nothing to do with publishing.

So, if you believe that walking with the Lord is the shortest distance between point A and point B, I have bad news for you. That is usually not the case. There will be plenty of time-consuming zigs and zags and stops along the way, but I also guarantee, it will be the greatest adventure of your life.

(Continued in Part 8)


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The Rumors of Larry’s Death Were Not Greatly Exaggerated (Part 5)

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(Click on photo to enlarge)

I began this series on January 10, 2015, but because nothing was moving forward for me, I placed it on hold. Now things are happening again. So, I’ve decided to rerun the earlier parts before I began anew. If you don’t want to wait, you can read the first ten parts in their entirety here.


Basilea Schlink (1904 – 2001) was born in Darmstadt, Germany. After World War II, Schlink felt the need to repent for Germany’s cruel deeds. To do this, she became a Lutheran nun and along with Erika Madauss founded The Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary in 1947. Schlink wrote over fifty-five books, but my favorite is Realities of Faith:

In 1949, a year after the currency reform, the first products of the publishing house and our works of art were ready to be placed on the market. The question arose, should we actually sell our products?…

Within me a concept took shape, clear and sharply defined – a mental picture painted by the Sermon on the Mount, that for those who seek first the kingdom of God “all these things shall be yours as well” (Matthew 6:33). A word began to sound clearly in my heart – “Father.” He will provide, He will prove Himself a Father to His children. But that meant that we, as His children, must provide the opportunity for Him to do so…

How could all this take place? It became more and more clear to me. We must let loose our security and protection; we must surrender ourselves to utter dependence upon our Heavenly Father. This would give Him the opportunity to care for us and show His miracles. It meant the surrender of all security and steady income. We would depend on Him for everything. By faith and prayer we would stand upon His word, “give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over.” (Luke 6:38)

…We set no fee on our services. Our literary works, our arts and crafts carried no price tag. This meant that now we would be totally dependent upon the Father in heaven…

We began from that point to walk in this pathway. It made our Sisterhood truly a fellowship of prayer. Every day we started out with nothing. From a human viewpoint we stood before mountains of worries which had to be prayed away. So we had endless opportunities to present God with the many promises of Scripture – bringing them like an “IOU,” asking Him to redeem them. (Realities of Faith by M. Basilea Schlink, Bethany House, excerpts from pages 33 – 35)

That’s right! Schlink and her sisters did not put prices on her books. Did this cause them any problems?

Schlink tells the story about how the sisterhood had spent all of their money on printing books and pamphlets for a booth at an outdoor fair. A young man walked up with a black suitcase and learned that their publications were free. He dumped every book and pamphlet into his suitcase and walked away. Schlink wrote: “Wouldn’t this way of doing things bankrupt us?”

Yet, God always provided for them.

Okay, how can a businessman, like me, possibly hope to survive in the cutthroat publishing industry?

(Continued in Part 6)


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The Rumors of Larry’s Death Were Not Greatly Exaggerated (Part 4)

(Click on photo to enlarge)

(Click on photo to enlarge)

I began this series on January 10, 2015, but because nothing was moving forward for me, I placed it on hold. Now things are happening again. So, I’ve decided to rerun the earlier parts before I began anew. If you don’t want to wait, you can read the first ten parts in their entirety here.


“I would much rather be the trusting child of a rich Father, than a beggar at the door of worldly men.” (Tramp for the Lord by Corrie the Boom)

I have read Tramp for the Lord over and over again. The book’s thirty-five chapters are spread over nearly two hundred pages and filled with godly wisdom. Chapter Twelve – God Will Provide – has helped to shape part of my business approach to publishing.

The people in America seem to feel I should not hesitate to ask for money for my ministry, which supports other ministries such as Bible and book translations in many parts of the world. However from the very beginning of my ministry, I have felt it was wrong to ask for money – even to ask for travel expenses. I did not want to be paid for “services rendered.” I simply wanted to preach the gospel and let the Lord provide for me.

…Was God speaking to me? Was it wrong to speak of my own work while at the same time I urged people to be converted or to forgive their enemies? Was it wrong to listen to these Americans who were urging me to receive collections for my ministry? I dropped to my knees in prayer. God knew my needs.

The answer was very clear from the Lord. “From now on you must never again ask for money.” (Tramp for the Lord by Corrie ten Boom, excerpt from Chapter 12)

Just so you know: I do not believe every believer has to run their business like I do, and to be honest, I have no problem in asking for offerings for missionary ministries.

And also: The Lord dealt with my attitude about my books one day when He asked, “Do you believe people should read your books?”

I hemmed and hawed without really answering His question, but it did not take long before I realized He did not like my equivocating and false humility.

So, do I now believe in my books? Yes! Do I believe others should read them? Yes!

Another lady helped to further shape my business atitudes.

(Continued in Part 5)


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The Rumors of Larry’s Death Were Not Greatly Exaggerated (Part 2)

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(Click on photo to enlarge)

I began this series on January 10, 2015, but because nothing was moving forward for me, I placed it on hold. Now things are happening again. So, I’ve decided to rerun the earlier parts before I began anew. If you don’t want to wait, you can read the first ten parts in their entirety here.


“Larry, you will write and own a large publishing company,” the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart in the fall of 1985.

I was ecstatic when I heard these words and made a decision which has guided my life for nearly thirty years. I decided to never accept a job that would hinder my dreams of writing and being a publisher. For the most part, this meant being a car salesman, laborer, house painter, and minimum wage employee.

Looking back, none of my fifty or so jobs since 1985 have offered me much of a chance to be promoted, which was fine with me. Promotions would have been obstacles for my goals because they would have required a greater commitment than I wanted to give.

Let’s be honest, okay?

When the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and I made my career decisions, I did not realize it would take twenty-nine years to publish my first book. Twenty-nine years! It just seems so unbelievable that the dream is still so strong in me, even though my youth has long since disappeared.

I can still remember when Bonnie Chavda prophesied to Jim Goll and me at a 1999 meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. She first pointed at Goll and said, “Your writing career will take off. You will write many books because God has anointed you for now.”

She then turned to me. “God is holding your writing career back. You will be successful, but at a much later time.”

Jim Goll has written over twenty-five books and is a big time prophetic author. Most of his books have been published since that night.

I have just published my first book and have a few eBooks on Amazon right now. That’s the extent of my accomplishments since Bonnie prophesied to me.

If you have any thoughts that God is unfair when he raises up one person compared to another, then you need a greater understanding of God. He is the Boss. He knows what it will take to ready a person for His plans and is not willing to lower His standards in the least.

As far as finances and time goes, God uses these as tools to mold His people.

One experience still brings tears to my eyes.

(Continued in Part 3)


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Short Story: “A Day Late And A Dollar Short” (Conclusion)



The next morning, my twenty-seven year old assistant accounting manager sat next to my desk when I arrived at 7:45. He looked up from his iPhone and nodded as I laid my laptop on the desk. I held my Starbucks coffee in one hand and sat down, taking a quick sip from the cup.

“Have you heard?” he said, in between glances at his iPhone.

“Heard what, Sammy?” I asked, placing the coffee on the desk and turning toward him.

“About Rawlings, Edgars, and Sanchez,” he said, leaning toward me, his brown eyes locked on mine. “They quit yesterday.”

“Really? Why?”

“Wait till you hear this,” he whispered. “They quit because supposedly a prophet told them San Francisco is going to be nuked soon. Have you ever heard of such a dumb thing?”

I shrugged and said nothing about my visit with Dr. Bob.

“What are they going to do?”

“Rawlings is moving to Nevada. Edgars is heading to Wyoming. Sanchez is going to Fargo, North Dakota. Jackson, why in the world would anyone move to Fargo, North Dakota? They probably don’t even have Thai food there.”

I removed my laptop from its case and booted it up.

“Well, the three will have to live with their decisions.”

Sammy took the hint and left.

I logged onto the company network and checked emails. My eyes scanned the messages, but nothing registered in my brain. Four intelligent people believe San Francisco is going to be bombed to smithereens, I thought. How many other people believe the story?

My curiosity kicked in and I clicked on Google, typing on the search line: San Francisco, nuclear bomb, prophecy. 72,234 results showed up in 0.25 seconds. I checked through a few items and knew a narrower search was needed.

Knock. Knock.

I clicked out of Google and turned toward the door. Elrod Farrow, the division manager, stood there and as usual, he was dressed to the max with a pinstriped suit, white shirt, and blue tie. His character matched his outfit: starched and stuffy.

“Jackson, do you have a minute?”

“Sure. Come on in.”

He walked in and sat down in the chair next to me. He reached his hand out, offering it to me. I shook it.

“Congratulations, Mr. Multimillionaire.”


“The SEC filing has just gone through. TyRex Inc. will have its IPO sometime in May. Morgan Stanley expects the price to be somewhere between $30 and $40 per share. If I worked the figures accurately, you will be worth at least $4.5 million for your stock options alone. Not bad for an old Stanford halfback who was a step slow for the NFL, but bright enough to get a CPA, right?”

Both of my hands clenched into fists and shot up into the air.

“Oh, yeah!” I shouted.

Farrow stood up, patted me on the back, and left.

Four million five hundred thousand dollars. $4.5 million. $4,500,000. No matter how you write it, that’s a lot of money. And yes, there are people who will say money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure erases a lot of worries, even nuclear bomb ones.

The next thing I did was check out the cost of airfare and hotels in Thailand on the Internet. I deserved a vacation.


Seven weeks later, on the first Sunday in February, the sun shone brightly. But we natives know the weather can change quickly so I carried an umbrella with me as I walked to a local Starbucks. I ordered a large coffee and sat down in an easy chair, which was part of a four-chair setting, surrounding a large round coffee table. The other chairs were empty.

A copy of the Sunday Chronicle lay in the middle of the table. I picked it up and scanned the front page. A bold headline, “Are Christians Acting Crazy Again,” captured my eyes. I thumbed through the newspaper’s pages until I found the full article.

The journalist replayed the words of Bob and the three computer programmers in the telling of a possible nuclear catastrophe occurring in San Francisco. He contrasted the actions with what Christians were doing and saying with what Harold Camping and his zealots did a few years earlier.

Camping’s followers believed his doomsday prophecies, too. They quit their jobs, wasted their money, and then nothing happened. Although the zealots felt the pain of losing everything, their total financial affect on America amounted to less than a drop of water in the Pacific Ocean.

This time was different.

The article estimated 40,000 Christian families packed up and left San Francisco. A few, like Bob, sold their homes and their businesses at deep discounts, but most were less fortunate. The sheer glut of homes dropping onto the real estate and rental markets depressed housing prices in the city almost overnight.

Even more than that, 40,000 Christian families amounted to an estimated total of 156,000 people or 20% of the city’s population. The numbers further broke down into 60,000 job losses, $1.8 billion of gross income losses, and $400 million of tax losses for the city. The losses had already begun to fuel layoffs at schools and retail stores. The Christians shredded San Francisco’s economy into pieces by their mass departures.

“What do you think of the article about the Christians?”

I lowered the paper and looked at a middle-aged woman with green eyes sitting in a chair across from me. Her deep voice did not match her petite shape and thin lips. Although not beautiful, her face had an alluring radiance about it.

“I don’t know what to think,” I replied.

“Do you think God will destroy San Francisco because the city cares about gays and lesbians?”

I shrugged.

“Good question.”

“Or do you think God is just mean?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I do.”


“Yes, I do,” she said, moving forward in her seat. “God is a God of love. He loves gays and lesbians. He loves people. He would never allow San Francisco to be bombed. Those fundamentalists are so deceived…they just make me want to scream.”

I laughed.

“My name is Jackson Edwards. What’s yours?”

“Holly Brightman.”

“Do you always get so worked up over fundamentalist Christians?”

“Yes, I do. My dad pastored a fundamentalist church forty years ago. I’ve listened to a thousand sermons about how God is always angry with sinners. It wasn’t until I attended Berkeley I learned there are progressive Christians who understand that God is a God of love.”

“Sounds interesting.”

She looked at her watch and jumped up.

“I have to go. I have a meeting at nine, but maybe we’ll see each other again,” she said, waving her hand and heading toward the door.

I watched her leave, wishing I had asked for her phone number.

Talk radio, TV, and other media ranted about the newspaper article over the next week and how San Francisco’s citizens were left holding the bag because of the Christians’ departure. Politicians jumped into the fray, adding their two bit’s worth. Some even advocated bills not allowing new churches to be opened in the Bay Area.

Everyone had an opinion about the Christians and why they left San Francisco.


Spring officially arrived on the first Saturday in April with the Giants’ opening day game scheduled for that afternoon. I had two tickets and a date with Holly, but before any of that happened, I had some accounting work to do.

I began the day, drinking coffee and eating toast while sitting on the leather sofa in the living room. My laptop sat on the coffee table, waiting to be booted up so I could log onto the company network. The clock read 6:30 a.m. I figured the work would be finished by 10:00, still plenty of time to get ready for the game.

I looked out the window toward the morning lights in Chinatown and the San Francisco Bay. Then it happened.

A burst of powerful light lit up the dreary morning skies. It seemed a thousand times brighter than any flash of lightning I had ever seen. The intense light temporarily blinded me so I did not witness the mushroom death cloud rising into the air, but I knew it had to be there. The explosion’s heat caused instant third degree burns on my face and arms. It happened too fast for me to scream aloud, but the pain was excruciating.

A nuclear shock wave then spread out from the explosion, slamming against our five-story building. The building imploded. Ceilings, I-beams, roof, and debris fell on me. Then, two hundred and thirty mile per hour winds slammed against the building’s carcass and reversed itself. When the winds finally quieted down, little remained of my million-dollar condo.

A steel I-beam and its debris covered my hips and legs down to my feet. All feeling was gone below my waist. I could move my arms, but the weight was too much to move without leg power. I lay there helpless and scared.

I drifted in and out of consciousness over the next twenty-four hours. In one of my alert times, my hand touched the laptop resting behind my head. I powered it up. No Internet, but I could at least type on the keyboard.

Who knows? Maybe somebody will eventually read my story and learn how stupid I felt lying here, suffering in pain, and waiting to die, because I trusted the opinions of politicians and news commentators over my friend, Dr. Bob. That’s water over the dam and too late to help me now. Que sera, sera.

If only I had


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Sneak Peak into “Common Sense 2016″…Also Known as the Obama Connection

Common Sense cover


It takes a few days before the “Look inside ↓” feature works on a newly published eBook. So, here’s a little glimpse into Chapter 4:

President Barack Obama said in his first inaugural address: “To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history, but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” (43)

The words, “the wrong side of history,” have been a favorite cliché used often by President Obama, his administration, and the media. The phrase casts contempt on the opposition’s viewpoint and disqualifies its possible merits on the basis of civilization’s inevitable progress from darkness to enlightenment. It is a stinging “conversation stopper,” without any need for making an effective argument. A powerful piece of sound-byte logic. (44)

But what is the definitive standard, which President Obama or any politician uses, to determine who is on the wrong or right side of history? Intellectual insight? Public opinion? Scientific analysis? Computer models? What?

With one reliable exception, there are no definitive standards for foretelling the future with any degree of certainty or even how future historians will view our present day political decisions. History zigs and zags all over the pages of time. It seldom travels on a straight line from point A to point B. And historians? Scholars examine the past from numerous angles and through various microscopes without much scientific method involved in their analysis. Their judgments could just as easily be based on vagaries, quirks, and fads, rather than quantifiable facts. To think otherwise is foolish.

The one reliable exception is the Bible, which has proven itself accurate in foretelling the future for thousands of years. The Bible’s accuracy depends solely on one steadfast fact: the omniscience of God.


Since the Bible is our only reliable definitive standard, we need to check where America stands right now through the eyes of the only historian who really counts: the Ancient of Days. (45)

It is my firm belief that America is now under the Judgment of God and has been for more than forty-five years. This is due in major part to our lies and betrayal of South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos during the Vietnam War, which resulted in the slaughter of more than three million innocent Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians. (See Appendix A)

Yes, I realize many Christians may disagree with my views. Most are gazing at the horizon for signs of a future Judgment of God heading our direction, rather than thinking America has already fallen under His judgment. I believe they have been looking through rose-colored glasses and not correctly discerning the signs of our times.

In my eBook, New Wind Blowing, I describe how America’s urban woes, unemployment, abortion, confused leaders, droughts, illegal aliens, debt, and Islamic terrorism are curses linked to our national sins against God. And that these curses are a part of God’s judgment for disobeying His commandments. (See Appendix B)

I also relate in New Wind Blowing my belief that the 2008 Presidential Election was a plumb line event in which the Lord checked how our nation stood with Him. We sadly chose prosperity over posterity and the Judge signed America’s death warrant. (See Appendix C)

Do I believe we can throw ourselves on 2 Chronicles 7:14 and God will then heal America? I had slim hopes of this ever happening when I wrote New Wind Blowing. (See Appendix D)

But now, because of President Barack Obama, I have even less hope the Lord can heal all of America through a genuine repentance by believers. My guess is that our chances are about equal to King David’s odds of saving his child after the prophet Nathan prophesied the child’s death. (46)


So Manasseh seduced Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to do more evil than the nations whom the LORD had destroyed before the children of Israel. (2 Chronicles 33:9 NKJ)

King Manasseh was the worst king in the history of Judah. His leadership example and executive sins moved Judah from the godly reforms of his father, King Hezekiah, into iniquity and rebellion. Even though Manasseh repented late in his fifty-five year reign, his contrition could not reverse the national damage caused by his sins. The Lord had already made up His mind about Judah and said to His prophet −

“Even if Moses and Samuel stood before Me, yet My mind could not be favorable toward this people. Cast them out of My sight, and let them go forth.” (Jeremiah 15:1 NKJ)

Jerusalem fell in 586 BC and the Jews were carried off into exile to Babylon. All of this came about because of King Manasseh’s sins.

Is President Obama America’s King Manasseh?

If so, it will not be so much for his stances on abortion and same-sex marriages because these sins were set in motion by other politicians before he became President in 2008. Therefore, what is President Obama’s major stumbling block?

It is his “wrong side of history” stance on Israel.

(Excerpt from newly published Common Sense 2016 by Larry Nevenhoven, ©2016, Amazon eBook)

Okay, if this little tidbit stirs your appetite, I have good news for you. Common Sense 2016 is FREE on Amazon as an eBook through January 13, 2016. All you need is a Kindle or Kindle Apps (which can be downloaded free of charge.)


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Common Sense 2016

Common Sense cover


Two hundred and forty years ago today, Thomas Paine published his forty-eight page pamphlet: Common Sense. One historian wrote about the publication:

“It would be difficult to name any human composition which has had an effect at once so instant, so extended and so lasting. Common Sense was pirated, parodied and imitated, and translated into the language of every country where the new republic had well-wishers. It worked nothing short of miracles and turned Tories into Whigs.” (History of the American Revolution by Sir George Trevelyan, 1905)

Thomas Paine’s main reason for writing his pamphlet was to encourage the American colonists to free themselves from the rule of King George III.

Unlike Paine, it’s my hope and prayer that Common Sense 2016 will help bring America back under the reign of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords once again.

Amazon description:

Definition of common sense: “The ability to make sound judgments based on known facts. It may be tempered and refined by life’s experiences, but does not require a high degree of sophistication or schooling.”

Is it common sense to keep dusting off 2 Chronicles 7:14 after every national tragedy, like 911 or San Bernardino, even though nothing ever changes?

Is it common sense for evangelicals to claim the 2016 Presidential Election as the most important election in the history of America? Didn’t we utter the same phrase in 2012? And 2008? And 2004? And 2000?

Is it common sense for Christians to keep pointing at the Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Socialists, the President, Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, Gays, Planned Parenthood, and whoever else as being the source of America’s troubles?

Is it common sense for believers to hope that Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Bernie Sanders, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or whoever can possibly pull our nation back from the brink of destruction?

The common sense answer to all of the above questions is “no.”

So, what is the answer?

Common Sense 2016 is a common sense approach to what is presently happening in America, looking at our past through the lens of the Bible and then into the future through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. The book forces us to take off our rose-colored glasses and accurately discern our times.

The author of Common Sense 2016 is Larry Nevenhoven, who has published ten other Amazon eBooks. It is Nevenhoven’s most urgent call for action to today’s Christians.

74 pages        Author: Larry Nevenhoven        Publisher: LarryWho

Kindle eBook: FREE through January 13, 2016.

Available on Amazon for Kindle and Kindle Apps.


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